Sri Lanka provides one of the greatest diving experiences in the world, with its coral gardens, a plethora of exotic species, and old wrecks. Kalpitiya, Ampara, and Trincomalee on the Eastern and Western coasts offer unique wreck diving, skin diving, and diving with dolphins activities.


Sri Lanka is a well-known surfing location that welcomes surfers of all skill levels. The greatest time to go surfing in Hikkaduwa is from November to March. It is a world-class surfing location with ideal waves for all levels of surfers.

dolphin watching

These ocean entertainers call the seas of Sri Lanka home. During the months of December, January, February, March, & April, dolphins & whales may be seen at various sites. Observe the migration of 26 species of cetaceans,  such as blue, sperm, pilot, fin whales, and a wide variety of dolphins.


Wildlife trips in Sri Lanka are becoming increasingly popular across the world. Sri Lanka, one of the world’s most biodiverse islands, offers a diversity of experiences that no other nation of its size can equal. There are various protected wildlife areas across the nation where you may enjoy a diverse range of safari adventures.

hiking & trekking

Take a strenuous hike up in the Knuckles Range’s highland rainforest to view the important spice cardamom growing in the forest, rare orchids and birds, and the thrill of exploring places where few have gone before. Travel through almost undiscovered area in the southeast.

white water rafting

The central part of Sri Lanka is hilly and dotted with rivers. When water runs quickly across rocky terrain, it bubbles up and is referred to as white water. Rafting in Sri Lanka across these wild waves will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. White water rafting is popular in Sri Lanka for a variety of reasons.

Deep sea fishing

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean and filled with fresh water reservoir inland, Sri Lanka is the hidden paradise for extreme anglers. With a shoreline of 1,140 miles and a continental shelf of 10,000 square miles, the seas around Sri Lanka is one of the most challenging marine game fishing locations while The outfalls of 103 major river basins and hundreds of estuaries, lagoons and coastal lakes all around the country are yet to be fully explored by sporting anglers.

rock climbing

Experience the thrills of crumbling rocks beneath the feet, head spinning heights and the earth expanding beneath conquering the mountains of Sri Lanka. The ranges of mountains standing guard around the highlands of Sri Lanka including the Knuckles range, Ella range, Habarana, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Horton Plains and Buttala provide challenging climbs to armature as well as experienced climbers. The newest experience in mountaineering in waterfall climbing with exciting climbs like the rock face of Bambarakanda waterfall, the tallest in the country.

whale watching

The ocean around Sri Lanka is the home to the gentle giants and the performers of the ocean. Dolphins and whales parade their presence at various locations around Sri Lanka during the months of December, January, February, March and April. Being situated on and around the migrating routes of whales and dolphins, Sri Lanka is in a vantage point to observe the migration of 26 species of cetaceans including blue whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, fin whales and a large variety of dolphins.


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